Call for Submissions-LKP-III

Twin City Poets is a “Poetry Only” club comprising of about 800+ members. The clubs’ activities are based out of Hyderabad, the capital of State of Telangana in India. We are about five years’ old and try to meet once a month. The group is also a meeting place of artists who otherwise also dabble in music and other art forms.
The club enjoys a diverse set of patrons. This include school going young ones and retired officers from various services.

The Anthology
The club publishes one Anthology every year by the name of “Lakdi Ka Pul” (LKP). The current call for submission is for LKP-III. The Anthology is expected to come out by July 2018. LKP-II featured about 58 poets from India and outside. LKP-III will have a curated poet list of about 60.
How to Submit
1. Send as a MS Word Document to
2. Timelines: Opens for submissions from midnight of 5th March 2018. Closes on midnight 4th of May 2018. Indian Standard Time. (GMT+5.30 Hours)
3. Number of Entries: Not more than 5 entries per poet.
The Rules
We recommend all entrants read the rules carefully before sharing their submissions:
1. Age of the Poet: There are no age restrictions.
2. Geographic: International entries written in English, Hindi, and Telugu are welcome.
3. Translations of original works from other languages into any of these three languages is also welcome.
4. Should not have appeared in an ISBN numbered Book (Including E-Book) earlier. If your works have come in blogs and personal journals, no worries.
5. Number of Entries: Not more than 5 entries per poet.
6. No plagiarism, no intelligent plagiarism either.
1. All poems must have a title and must not exceed 40 lines in length (excluding title).
2. Individual works should not exceed about 300 words.
3. Please include an author bio and a high resolution photo of a close up of your face.
4. Entries can be on any subject. However, you are requested to avoid politically charged writings or writings that may inflame religious sensitivities or hurt National pride or sentiments.
5. Explicit references of sexual nature may also be avoided. While we appreciate the freedom of speech, we would definitely like to not get dragged into avoidable controversies at this juncture.
6. TCPC reserved absolute right to choose not to evaluate any particular entry without ascribing any reason whatsoever.
7. By submitting your works, you hereby warrant and undertake to the organisers that
a. Your work is original, containing no defamatory matter (provided, however, that they shall not be liable for any defamatory matter which, in the opinion of the organisers, was included in the poem without negligence or malice on their part), and
b. Does not contain any third party copyright material or quotes without appropriate permission having been obtained and identified to the organisers when the entry is submitted.
8. TCPC reserves the right to cancel this call for submission at any stage, if deemed necessary, and if circumstances arise out of their control.

1. The Anthology is curated through peer review.
2. Up to a maximum of three works of each poet may be shortlisted for publication
3. The shortlisting undertaken by TCPC is binding.
4. The editorial team will send you’re an email containing details of accepted work, along with a copy of the edited work, as it would appear in the magazine. If you do not respond within stipulated time, we will not send this to print.
5. 40% of poems in the Winter Anthology is reserved for active TCPC members.
1. No entry fee or other charges have to be paid by poets. It’s free, unless you wish to donate some amount.
2. If yes, let us know. Anything above INR 500/- or $25/- is absolutely welcome. Donors’ names will appear in the Anthology in an appropriate section.
3. The total expense estimated for LKP-III and related events is about $1500/-
4. There is no provision for free copies. Authors whose works are appearing in the Anthology can buy themselves copies online or through the club.
1. The copyright of each poem remains with the author.
2. However, authors of the accepted poems, by virtue of their submission, grant TCPC the right to publish and/or broadcast their poem.
3. We will, in effect have unconditional permission from your side for its publication in the Anthology and any consequent publication of accepted works to promote and publicize the anthology.

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